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WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

RavenPack - Author/License Information

ChatGPT and Ravenpack Data

Please note:

As the use of third-party AI platforms continues to rise, we at RavenPack would like to remind you of our Terms of Service. Specifically, we kindly request that users of RavenPack data refrain from uploading or sharing any of our content on third-party platforms such as ChatGPT, where storage and future use are controlled by a Third-Party rather than the users. By doing so, users are violating the license agreement signed by your university with RavenPack.

To be more specific, we prohibit the uploading, posting, distribution, or sharing of any RavenPack Content, directly or indirectly, on any third-party platform or website that is not owned, controlled, or authorized by the Subscriber, and where the Subscriber does not maintain the ability to expunge, delete, or otherwise remove the RavenPack Content at any time.