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WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

IHS Markit - Author/Lisence Information

Importen information if you plan to use IHS Markit Information in an article/paper!

IHS Markit Academic Service Licensing Terms and Conditions:


Citing IHS in work

In Work, Client will represent IHS or its third party provider as the source of the Product information in the following form: “Includes content supplied by [NAME OF IHS COMPANY or its third party provider]; Copyright © [NAME OF IHS COMPANY or its third party provider], [publication year]. All rights reserved”

Please be aware of the following license clause

"Prior to the publication or presentation of the Research, the Academic Institution will provide a copy of the Research to IHS Markit so that IHS Markit may ensure compliance with the terms of the Agreement and IHS Markit shall also be provided with a copy of the Research as soon as reasonably practicable following publication. Academic Institution grants IHS Markit a personal, irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non sub-licensable license to distribute copies of Research to third parties including clients and prospects, incjuding at industry conferences and other events as IHS Markit in its sole discretion sees fit." (Please contact the library for the correct address in order to comply with this clause).


According to the contract and license conditions:

  • May I use the dataset after the subscription end 30 June 2024? No

  • Can I store the data on my computer: No - you have to delete them

  • May I use the data in an article which I am in progress of writing? Yes, if you have sent a copy of the article to a publisher before 30 June 2024 and likewise a copy to IHS Markit. Otherwise, it’s not allowed to use the data after this period in any form.


Upon expiration of subscription, the Academic Institution (here BI) shall immediately cease using the Services provided hereunder and shall destroy such Service.  In addition all rights to use or access the Services hereunder shall immediately cease.

We emphasize that BIs subscription to IHS Markit ceases 30 June 2024!