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WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

DealScan - Linking

DealScan records can be linked to Compustat using the Roberts DealScan-Compustat Linking Database 
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Roberts Dealscan-Compustat Linking Database

Please be aware of the Rules for Usage of linking between Roberts Dealscan - Compustat (link)

WRDS Overview on DealScan (LoanConnector)

WRDS-Refinitiv LoanConnector DealScan is "the world's pre-eminent source for extensive and reliable information on the global commercial loan market". The DealScan database contains comprehensive historical information on loan pricing and contracts details, terms, and conditions. From the August 2021 update, DealScan revamped its database structure and revised its contents. Therefore, WRDS launched a new DealScan database while still providing access to the previous legacy database.