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Systematic literature reviews


The aim of this guide is to:

  1. Describe what systematic reviews are, why they are useful, followed by tips to how they can be found.
  2. Describe different types of systematic literature overviews. As a start, you may find this overview useful.
  3. Describe step by step how you can conduct a systematic literature review. 
  4. Provide links to relevant resources.
  5. Outline how the library can help you.

(Illustration: Lise Arinda Ruud)

How can the library help?

Students and researchers at BI may get help from the library in various aspects of systematic reviews: 



We can:

  • help you with the search strategy for your specific project and suggest databases to search
  • Advise you on how to use Zotero to collect and organize the literature and to identify duplicates
  • Provide the literature where this is not openly available or covered by our subscriptions



The library has formed a team of librarians specializing in this service. See our page on Intra to learn how we can assist you in your work with systematic reviews.